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Large Family Chores

We like to work as a team around here.I think we look like a team too.  We are often approached by strangers at Wal Mart , “That’s quite the team you have there.”

We used to just have a HUGE clean up every Saturday, top to bottom, all the laundry done, and food mostly ready for  Sunday. The problem is that system didn’t work when our Real Estate business got in the way and we were showing houses all weekend or when the week was just so crazy busy that we would be burnt out by the time Saturday came along, unable to commit to 7 or 8 hours of cleaning.

Years ago when we had cleaners the cleaning got all done in one day but we had to clean up and declutter before the cleaners got there ,and then try to keep it looking good for even a couple of days was a huge feat , so we gave that up too.

Our system now is not really a system. I would call it more or less the way we cope with our very busy lifestyle.  We just can’t plan for very much . Being Real Estate Agents is very time consuming and chaotic in itself. We can’t make our own hours when our buyers are shift workers, pastors, etcetera. They make our hours.

What we try to do is take care of things as they show up and concentrate on deep cleaning one room from top to bottom in its entirety, weekly.

What does that look like? Well I can guarantee for example that our floors are vacuumed once a day and the kitchen floors mopped at least three times per week.  Bathroom floors, toilets, and showers are scoured on a weekly basis and then as I said, one room in the house will come be completely tackled from top to bottom. That room will be dusted, vacuumed, mopped all the trim will be washed down , furniture moved and dusted. Closets will be purged, sheets changed (if it’s a bedroom), and windows brought to sparkling.

Everything will be Re-organized and decluttered and put back into place. Last week we worked on the “laundryroom”. We moved the fridge , freezers, laundry organizers and dusted and washed everything including the laundry machines and laundry tub. Then my sweet husband re-painted the floor to freshen it up.

Usually our children will help out a lot. There wasn’t a lot they could do for the laundry room except to put away some clothing but usually they all have a favourite chore and they will actually fight to protect that favourite chore.

For Example: the 2 sweet little boys in the photos above.  Those two love to mop the kitchen floor like nobody else. They are the reason that I now own  2 spin mops. 😀. I just couldn’t take the bickering and arguing over the one mop that we used to have because both of them wanted that particular chore. So one day in a moment of clarity I thought to myself this is crazy I’m just going to buy another mop. Now there is no more fighting. They each have their own mop and they go around mopping things and it is totally adorable. It is also very helpful to me and a great way for them to feel involved. They especially like to feel like they have played a part in preparing for special occasions and or visits from friends. They also aren’t bored while everyone else is working.

I was explaining one of our cleaning scenarios to a coworker one day. She asked me how we survived with children around the house ALL DAY LONG. When Zi finishe$ my story, she insinuated that I was treating my children like slaves. Far from it. We don’t force our children to do anything, yet they enlist themselves and beg for a chance to try our tools or run a cloth along baseboards or shine the mirrors or the glass doors. They feel involved,useful and important that we have trusted them with the task at hand. We are also O.K with “kid clean” . That means if it’s not perfect then that is o.k

My divorced single mom coworker told me that her son doesn’t do a thing, nothing , period, Ever.

Well I was that Mom once with my oldest son,and I feel bad that I didn’t teach him the same life skills that my little ones are learning so young. I feel these kids are going to better prepared in this area of life and a real blessing to live with when they are older and maybe married.

Let them help, especially when they ask. There is always something age appropriate even for a toddler. We give our youngest a baby wipe and let him wipe stuff down. Try it . Let me know how it goes.😉

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