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Large Family Chili 🌶

3A4F7A2C-DCDC-450D-BB81-C67DB4D60D30Hey y’all. We are just getting our appetites back after a week of suffering big flu symptoms and nausea. We aren’t 100% yet but we were needing something a little more substantial than toast so I decided to get adventurous and try a new recipe. Half way through putting it together I found  out that I was lacking several ingredients so I texted a friend and used a bunch of ingredients from her recipe. Voila, a new recipe was born. This Chili was so good that I felt that it was worth sharing. I fed my family of 8 well and there were left overs for my hunky hubby for work tomorrow. I liked the unique blend and texture of the lentils and so did my kids. I also liked that some of my missing ingredients were items that my littles always spit out of their mouths along with the words, ”I don’t like dat”.

The end result was very good and filling and economical. Yes now I’m sounding like a typical homeschooler, I know.       Economical, I might as well even say the word…..frugal. Let’s just say that I am mostly not a frugal person by nature . I mostly don’t even like the word frugal as it just sounds so cheap. I really like being generous with my food, extravagant, and very hospitable,so the word frugal just doesn’t really have a home in my kitchen . I honestly had to search very hard for the beans in my cupboard because they don’t get used a lot either. It’s not that I don’t like beans . It’s that I like Variety!! I like fresh, colroful meals . I like meat and fish and everything in between.

So here is this very surprisingly warm and hearty lentil chili, which I think you should give a try. It’s a little different,with a lot of flavour and you are going to love it . 😍


Sauté 2 red onions and 4 cloves of garlic in water,then add to slow cooker

add in the rest of the ingredients and cook for 7 hours

3 Tbsp chili powder

1 tsp oregano

1 tsp cumin

1 cup Brown lentils (rinsed)

1 cup Red lentils

1.75 cups of salsa

1 can crushed tomatoes

1 Tbsp organic sugar

1 rounded tsp Dutch cocoa powder

4.5 cups of water

Save this for the end:

1.5 cups cooked &crumbled ground beef

salt and pepper to taste

Serve however you like regular chili. This chili has a very kid friendly texture.We add shredded cheese and a little sour cream. Enjoy!!



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