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Large Family Flu

A0AE9AC0-A0D1-4177-8F2E-6C5E5415C152 This is me crashed on my bed trying to comfort my youngest child. I was so grateful that I could snuggle him at this point. I literally slept for 36 hours straight till this moment on a couch in the middle of my house. We had been struggling already with a respiratory flu and Daddy had to go to work. Thankfully Daddy doesn’t have a lot of work right now. I am also very glad that Daddy knew how hard I was suffering and had 6 kids at home with me. He came home as soon as he could and I’m on my 7th day still dealing with the effects. You see I have asthma and so I always get so much sicker than the average person. I’m also struggling with anemia and even though I’m constantly taking iron, my energy is low. All this to say, I’m hurting. How does someone like me get by? I have to let things go,and rely on help from my family. I have to eat simple, and rest lots. I have to accept that this is a time that will soon pass and watch it pass me by. I had to be there for my kids too, as every day passed , someone else would start complaining of chills and headaches. That’s how I knew who the next victim was. The kid Tylenol would have to come out and they would pile on my bed and watch some movies. Myself and the older kids would take turns reading books to others, and every one helped with all the chores. The kids played some board games together, helped each other with school, brought me drinks on the couch. I gave baths and changed sheets whenever I could. We ate ready made Costco chickens and soups and other meals that had been put away in the freezer for times just like this. We are still in survival mode, it’s just getting a little better everyday.

We actually had a great fall and winter. We weren’t sick at all and were so blessed to know that we had escaped major illness (until now). I don’t know how all 8 of us got through so many months without anything,but I sure want to repeat that run if I can.

Some of the supplements we were taking were Vitamin D,C, Echinacea, daily multi vitamins for all the different age levels, and cal-mag. We used tons of hand sanitizer faithfully. Doesn’t sound very over the top does it?  I totally think our 3.5 week escape to Florida,etc, kept us from a lot of exposure also. We have also had a very productive homeschooling year till this point. When we are healthy we just get so much more done. We did a lot of skating, hockey and entertaining. We attended a lot of public functions too, way more than usual.

Anyways, I am hoping that someone can tell me what I can take to get my energy back now? I know I stil need rest because I have a terrible cough, and have lost my voice. I resorted to taking Buckley’s 2 nights in a row so I could sleep, but it’s just so awful, I can’t take it any more. I would like to try something to get a natural boost and the last hump of this flu. Any suggestions?

Also,off topic but do any of you have experience with running an online store through WordPress? It sure is time consuming to figure out and I did have one suggestion to try a selling through a different platform. Thanks!! Huge thanks to my faithful followers. You guys are great.

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