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Earth Hour 🌏

9C91C221-89A3-4150-82D1-5678835B45FAHere are my oldest four out of 6 that live at home, sitting at the kitchen table. We are having a cozy candlelit night while playing a card game called Skipbo. We love sitting around like this just enjoying the warm glow of the candles, our conversation often turning to olden days and what it must have been like without electricity. We got the younger boys to bed on time tonight so this could be a special time with the others. I think it’s nice to concentrate on just them sometimes as much as we love being together. I also don’t enjoy having lots of open flames around little ones.

I cherish these kids so much, and I like the way a simple promise of something different and out of the ordinary gets them so excited. They all know that staying up past bedtime when there is church the next day, is a big DEAL! The older kids love to light the candles themselves, a special honour that is bestowed under parental supervision of course.

I don’t really know a lot about Earth hour except that supposedly a whole bunch of energy gets conserved and if I didn’t have a whole pile of kids awake,it could be a really romantic date night at home. I wouldn’t mind taking pioneering a step further and just going to bed earlier as well. I often wonder, if it’s so beneficial why don’t we just do it several times a year? We are already pretty conservative about our energy consumption here so it’s no big deal to gather in a room,with games and snacks and and extra bonding time.

What did y’all do tonight? I would love to know.







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