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Homeschooling Little Boys

7A0AD0FE-AAF6-4975-9621-E14B0D744E3C It ain’t always easy I tell ya. Some boys are Easy Peasy and some boys are just wild and crazy. I have 5 sons and 2 stepsons so although I am not an EXPERT, I have been raising boys a loooooong time. My oldest son is 28 next month and my youngest boy is 2. I have heard from a lot of Moms that they believe their daughters can be a lot like boys ,but then I usually have those same Moms approach me years later to say that O. K ,for the most part they are totally different.

In any case, I will speak for my own boys, who range from sweet and kind in a Boyly way to nightmare jungle boy ( whom I just needed to tackle and reprimand cuz he stole his brothers popcorn bowl and ran around the house screaming and laughing while eating popcorn and throwing it around the house).

The photo above is a “they are gelling moment” that is very hard to achieve even once daily sometimes. My goal is always to find something that interests them all at the same time and is satisfying to 2 calm boys and one flying monkey. My other son and two daughters are usually working independently at this same time.

Today I used a combination of a really cool bird chart, some crayons, a new book from Amazon, colouring pages and a very cool feather collection that belonged to a middle son. Everyone oohed and ahhed over the feathers and books and were able to pick their own bird from the full colour chart in their bird colouring book and colour it. There was enough stimulation to engage flying monkey and enough down time for the 2 easy going boys to enjoy colouring and matching the feathers to the birds. Sometimes I will have the younger boys sit with magformers, or foam blocks at my feet if they are finished quickly so that they are quiet but constructive.

I have found the number one difference between my own boys and girls is that my girls are more content to sit and do bookwork and crafts or even just be still and listen to an audio, where as my boys need to fidget and move more when they are learning. I have a hard time sitting down a lot as well and I have always been that way, so I don’t mind letting my boys do math standing usually on one leg at their desk while they are doing math or spelling. It seems to help them learn better and I think it’s healthier than sitting all day long. They also like to tap on their desks sometimes. I try not to be too militant about noise but I draw the line at humming out loud. Personally, it drives me crazy.

I also take advantage of the times when their Dad is working around the house fixing or renovating. He is very patient with our sons, and very good at explaining what he’s doing so whenever he is around, I close up the books and get them to sit next to him while he explains what he is doing and if it’s appropriate they can hand him tools or hold something in place. Even if they are not getting complete hands on experience they are being introduced to tools and construction that is important for them to feel unintimidated when they do eventually get to tackle the project.

I also make sure that my sons get fresh air and exercise daily. With my second son he used to wake up buzzing like a complete ball of energy and so he would have early morning chores like taking the garbage out or the recycling or letting the chickens out which would enable him to burn off some steam before tackling seat work. In the warmer weather he will actually just walk around a bit too.

A few times per week I will sit down with them on the couch and do a few read aloud books. I will make sure that at least one book each is geared towards their level so they are not bored stiff. Most of the time I let them pick their books which is really cute because we have a nice home library now with many different genres.

For the last few years I have been using with the younger ones because it’s fun and they like it, but sometimes they like it too much so I have to be careful with that. I also like On the really tough days when things seem to be going mostly wrong I will give them their baths during the daytime instead of nighttime so they can sit and play with their soldiers and cars and boats, and get their sillies out.

There are lots of ways to be creative, and artistic with little ones too. If you like to do artsy stuff, then invest in some air dry clay, kid scissors, watercolours and paintbrushes,and chalks and mini blackboards from Walmart. You can do so much with small stash of goodies.The other day we even tried our hand at felted yarn balls. What a hoot! We may try making something with them nextπŸ˜€ I hope this helps give you some ideas of things that you can do with little boys. Remember that a Mom with an adult son told you that these are precious moments your boys. Most of all enjoy them β™₯️

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