couple of months ago , I had the idea to host a YARN SOCIAL in my home, with our homeschooling group. I was a tad insecure about opening our home to a bunch of strangers, but I decided to go ahead and open the invitation to any homeschooling family in our area.

It turns out that my fears were unwarranted. The most loveliest moms and daughters showed up with their projects, and enthusiasm. None of the moms or daughters had even ever met one another, and so it was great fun to make new friends for all of the ages that attended.

We had a great time looking over each others projects, oohing and aahing over the materials being used, talking about things we are inspired to learn eventually, and sharing stories of how we each got hooked on these lovely crafts. We watched a  veteran yarnie knit lace snowflakes without a pattern. We watched the girls giggle over their circular hat projects, and a sweet mom learn how to knit her first dishcloth. We took breaks to make specialty teas, snack on baked goods, and talk about our families and our homeschooling journeys. We had fun just getting to know one another and spoke of future gatherings to come, the hopes of a new idea evolving into a habitual pattern. I was blessed by their presence and honored that they made their way out into the snowy evening for some cheer, and I can’t wait to host another Yarn Social. If you at thinking about doing one yourself then you should!!

Here’s a few pointers. Put out your invitation about 2 weeks before the date. Ask for an RSVP so you know your numbers. I personally do not ask for help with snacks and  I advertise that drinks and snacks are provided but if someone offers to bring something, then I accept their offer and let them know how many people are expected sot that they don’t go overboard. I also let them know what I plan to serve so they can bring something different. I organize a snack for Daddy and sons so they can make it a movie night for themselves, and I keep decorating simple with some candles, chocolates and flowers. I make sure the house is clean and there is plenty of seating for everyone,and that’s it!! Please hit the LIKE button at the bottom of the page if you like my daughters first weaving project!! Thanks!!




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