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Best Taco Salad Ever🥗 (Recipe)


Hey folks😋. Here is my version of a well loved classic. I made this the way I thought would blend well, using ingredients my family loves. I wanted to share it with you because sometimes it’s so hard to throw together a healthy large family meal that’s kid friendly in under 20 minutes. My main motivation today for a quick meal is that we wanted to spend as much time at the pool as possible before hand and even more quality time with our kids after supper and before bed time. If you think you need to tweak it then be my guest. My original thought was to add some salsa and chopped tomatoes but I did forget about them and in the end I realized the result was still great.

Here it is:

Spread the following into a 9 x 15 glass dish and layer each ingredient as you go

One whole head of iceberg lettuce washed and chopped into manageable pieces

A half cup of shredded cheese

One can of rinsed black beans

1/2 cup of green sliced olives with pimento inside

1 pound of fried hamburger meat seasoned with one package of taco spice

Drizzle about 3/4 of a cup of thousand Island salad dressing all over this.

Now add another half cup of Mexican  shredded cheese.

Lightly toss all together and sprinkle cheese on top and a half bag of crushed Dorito  chips all over the top concentrating on the middle.

Yum!  It’s now ready to enjoy .


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