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Large Family Birthdays

Sometimes Birthdays can seem so complicated. The good news is they don’t need to be.

I kinda flip flop when it comes to birthday parties. Certain years seem more fitting than most, like birthday number 5, then number 10, and even 12 just because it’s the last year before they are in the teen years. Sometimes I just wanna have a party and other times I  pressure myself into it. This year though, I it would be fun to have my eldest daughters best friends family over for dinner and games but it just didn’t work out that way . We received a text as they were on their way our house, to tell us one of their little ones was throwing up, and being the amazing friends that they are they understood that we would want to back out as our vacation time is nearing and we don’t want to spend our vacation being sick if we can help it at all. So the party consisted of “just us” (still a fair number of people) , but it was still MUCHO fun!!

We all had a lot of food to eat, then we played charades, and danced while listening to some tunes from pa’s fiddle. Yep, my kids know how to clog hard…lol. We had cake and finished off the night with a movie at the request of the birthday girl. While friends would have been amazing it was still so nice to just be US and love each other and teach a sweet 4-year-old how to play charades which is really not easy. We laughed and came out of our shells a bit and thankfully worked off some calories too. I love being around on every child’s special day ,every year as they are growing so quickly.

Here are a few things we do to make birthdays special even if it’s just us celebrating.

-We decorate . This is most important for a December birthday because we are always stuck inside and it helps to differentiate from Christmas and brighten up a usually gray day.

-We all start the day acknowledging the Birthday kid with hugs and cheers.

-The birthday kid gets the day off school. They totally love this.

-They get the day off from all chores. This is understood by all and everyone is happy to cover the extra chores.

-We give the birthday kid extra one on one ,however they want it . Some want to hang out ,play games, work on a project, play outside,etc.

-Birthday kid gets to dictate all of our meals that day. Some only request one special meal or a special cake . I have some leeway when it comes to a party because I am not making homemade beef stew  for 20 plus people.

That’s it in a nutshell. I hope this helps to alleviate any pressure that some parents have about insisting they should have a party every year with friends and the whole shebang. You can really have a lot of fun with just yourselves and really pouring yourselves into making sure your child is just having a fun loving happy day with their best friends on earth.






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