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Large Family Christmas

One of the more polite responses I have received from strangers when they find out that the kids with me at Wal-Mart are not daycare kids is “Wow, Christmas must be fun at your house”. To which I reply “Oh yes,…. yes it is indeed”.

We do love Christmas around here and what isn’t there to love? Jesus’ Birthday, presents, candy canes, tobogganing, no school!!!Ā  Did I say no school? sigh…yes it’sĀ  lovely time of year.

My kids eyes just light up with eager anticipation and wonder at the lights going up on houses. They grin with glee as the boxes with untold gifts are being delivered at our door (seemingly) daily. They are just bursting with joy at the thought of hanging our advent calendar ,receiving their chocolate calendars, driving to get the tree and pulling out the Christmas decoration boxes.

We are so blessed. Some years are very lean for us financially speaking (self employment) and others are a little more plentiful but the kids never notice and we never feel like we have gone without.

We have some dear friends that offer us a tree right from their own property every year for the last several years. Its been a great tradition when we can get there (one year we couldn’t due to weather and sickness) and we look forward to it as it gives us a chance to hang out, drink hot chocolate and let the kids play/toboggan when the weather allows it.

Another tradition we follow is that we always buy a couple of large gingerbread houses for decorating with candies but this year was a little different. We found out that the church we have been attending was going to host gingerbread house decorating so we headed there to join in the fun with some friends! I would love to hear from others about their own family traditions!!


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  1. Having family traditions is a great way to make good, lasting memories with your kids.
    We had a Christmas breakfast tradition for quite a few years. Then I found out no one really liked it that much – so we stopped it šŸ™‚

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