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20171128_120734One of the benefits about homeschooling is the overall flexibility to create a one of a kind learning journey for our kids. The other benefit is that as Real Estate Agents we actually get to see our family. There are definite blessings in our line of work but the cons are that we need to be available to our clients at odd hours 24 hours a day. We are used to this and consider it part of the package and so homeschool works very well for us in that we learned to flexible in all moments . I won’t lie, sometimes it hurts (like when we need to console someone who has just lost what they consider their dream home and we’re supposed to be out on my birthday dinner or an anniversary date) For the  most part there is a lot of hours in a day and we are constantly tailoring our schedule to accommodate work and family time and we have a lot of fun doing it.

Some day we are very book heavy and other days we are out and exploring . Sometimes we just pick up our books and haul them with us to beaches, ice rinks, stores, parks, friends houses, house hunting or Florida. The fun part is that even though we all live together we are all so different and that really starts to become apparent when you see each child start to develop their own interests apart from everyone else. At the moment we have some avid skaters and hockey players (we are Canadian!) ,a few who enjoy art ,some animal lovers and all of us love reading, even Dad!! Here are a few pics to show  what we have been up to this week after we hit the books.


Skating lessons!


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